If I Can Help Someone Today - CD

  • If I Can Help Someone Today - CD

If I Can Help Someone Today - CD

$15.00 CAD

Singer, musician and active community volunteer Peter Bourne has been entertaining audiences for decades with his soulful renditions of spiritual songs, blues and oldies. If I Can Help Someone Today is Peter's debut CD. 

When Peter is not singing and playing guitar, he is a tireless advocate for the closure of institutions and the importance of inclusion for everyone in community.

Here is a quote from Peter taken from a paper submitted by Peter and Fred Ford on the importance of closing institutions: "I can't see people's facial expressions, so I try to touch people's hearts with my singing. I can sometimes give people inspiration with my singing. ...We think it is important to inspire Canadians right across the country to understand that the community has everything that a person needs and that all institutions should be closed."

Spectrum Press is proud to be the distributor for Peter's CD. We have never had so many early requests from fans wanting to purchase a product as we have with Peter's CD!

Peter Bourne's CD will make a great present for yourself and for all the music lovers in your life. 

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