Spectrum Press Update

 Well, here we are in April, and I realize that I haven't posted a blog in quite a while. Since our book launch last October, we have just been plugging along, doing the day-to-day business, arranging for the occasional book table, meeting new people, and coming up with ideas for next year's publications.

Barb Goode, author of The Goode Life spent some time with me recently at the Health and Wellbeing Conference for People with Developmental Disabilities here in Vancouver. We met folks from all over Canada who showed great interest in what we are doing. Of course, Barb would disappear from time-to-time, only to come back with one or more people on her arm who were more than happy to have Barb sign a copy of her autobiography.

Over the last several months, I have been facilitating another great self advocate, Sheenagh Morrison, to produce a monthly blog called 'Researching Researchers,' in which Sheenagh interviews people from all over North America who are working on research initiatives focused on people with developmental disabilities. Look for this engaging series of interviews to come out in book form at our next launch - tentatively in October of this year.

The Inclusion BC (formerly BCACL) conference is being held in downtown Vancouver this May. Our team of social enterprise leaders will be presenting several workshops which we hope you will be able to attend. Spectrum Press will also have a book table where you can come and see me and take a look at our growing variety of excellent publications. We are proud to include some Inclusion Press titles this year, along with our own. 

When you stop by our book table, you may just see some of our writers and our workshop presenters as well. Barb Goode will make appearances and is happy to autograph her book for you. You can get your copy of Getting to Community signed by Susan Stanfield. You can meet Sheenagh Morrison. I'm sure she would be happy to answer questions about her blog interviews. Aaron Johannes will be around as well as Shelley Nessman. So, many reasons to come often to our table.

Changing the subject slightly, Spectrum Press is proud to have many of our books included on the website Quality Mall is the largest website of its kind, showcasing the best products and services available for people with developmental disabilities, their friends, families and supporters. This is from the Quality Mall 'about us' page: "The primary purpose of is to collect and disseminate information related to or useful in promoting quality of life for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. It is not a retailer or vendor of products or services, but uses the theme of a shopping mall to help connect visitors to the best products and services available."

Special thanks go out to Bill Gaventa, M.Div, the author of Rekindling Commitment: Reflections from a Pastoral Educator Enmeshed in Direct Support, Professional Workforce Development and Person Centred Supports from our 2012 anthology From Institutions to Individuals for connecting us with many leaders in the area of faith-based supports for people with developmental disabilities. It is truly humbling to see how many people in the world are looking towards great and meaningful lives for people in their communities who experience developmental disabilities.

On a final note; our books are reaching audiences from far and near. In the last few months we have had orders from Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand and even as far away as Japan! 

Jim Reynolds - Manager, Spectrum Press