Living with Labels and Lies, by Carol Dauphinais

Living with Labels and Lies, by Carol Dauphinais

$20.00 CAD

The first edition of Labels and Lies was one of the first truth telling books about the experience of being marginalized through labels, and how these supported the institutionalisation of an abused child, by pioneer advocate and trailblazer Carol Dauphinais, but it too quickly sold out and has been mostly unavailable.  This new second edition features language more suited to younger readers, which Carol has wanted to change for some time, a new epilogue with sections about her marriage, and reactions to her book and mission to end child abuse by relentlessly telling her own story and making spaces for others to tell their stories and heal.  

Spectrum Press was founded for several reasons but not least was because we felt books like Carol's should be available and accessible. Eleven books later, we are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Spectrum Society, our parent non-profit, with our thirteenth publication.  

Foreword by Fred Ford; Afterword by Aaron Johannes.

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