Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Spectrum Press. As we get more we will add them to this list.

Q -- Can I pay with a credit card if I don't have a Paypal account? 

A -- Yes, you can. Once you have chosen your purchases and clicked 'Checkout,' fill in your billing address. The billing address has to exactly match the address connected to your credit card. If you wish your order to be shipped to a different address, fill in the shipping address section. If not, leave the 'Ship Items to the Above Billing Address' box checked. Then click 'Continue to Next Step.' When selecting "How to Pay for Your Order' click on the Paypal icon -- you don't need a Paypal account, but you will be using your credit card as a guest of Paypal. Click on "Complete my purchase' and on the next page fill out the field "Don't Have a Paypal Account' with your credit card information, then click 'Review and Continue.' On the next page click 'Pay Now.' You will get a confirmation that your order has gone through, and an invoice will automatically go to your email account.

Q -- What if my credit card or my Paypal payment is denied?

A -- If your credit card or your Paypal payment is denied, you have to call either the credit card company or Paypal to find out why. Spectrum Press cannot do this for you, as the credit companies will not share your personal or financial information with the seller. In our experience, if there are sufficient funds to pay for the order, the problem is usually that the address you used as your billing address is not exactly the same as the address attached to your credit card/Paypal account.

Q -- How much does shipping cost?

A -- Shipping is calculated based on the dollar value of your purchase in Canadian dollars. For Canadian orders shipping costs are: for purchases up to $25.00 -- $4.25; from $25.01 to 125.00 -- $14.75; from $125.01 to $250.00 -- $18.00; more than $250.00 -- free. For U.S. orders: purchases up to $25.00 -- $8.00; from $25.01 to $125.00 -- $25.00; from $125.01 to $250.00 -- $33.00; from $250.01 to $500.00 -- $40.00; more than $500.00 -- free. For International orders: purchases up to $25.00 -- $9.00; from $25.01 to $125.00 -- $25.00; from $125.01 to $250.00 -- $55.00; from $250.01 to $500.00 -- $80.00; over $500.00 -- free

Q -- What shipping method do you use?

A -- All our shipping quotes listed in the above answer and on the shipping page on our website are Canada Post rates and are the least expensive (and, therefore, slowest) method. Shipping times vary depending on where you live. Canadian orders ordinarily take from a few days to 2 weeks, depending how far you live from Vancouver. International orders generally take longer. If you require faster shipping or a different shipper, you need to contact us before placing your order.

Q -- I want to pay by cheque in advance. What is your address?

A -- Our mailing address can be found by clicking on the 'Contact/submissions' tab at the top of all of our website pages. It is: Spectrum Press, 3231 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5R 5K3

Q -- If I pay by cheque or cash in advance, how does that work?

A -- You place your order on our website, and when you get to the question "How would you like to pay for your order?" choose "cheque or cash in advance." First off, for your own safety, never send cash in the mail. Instead, buy a money order from your bank or the post office and mail that to us. As soon as we get your cheque or money order in the mail (cheques must clear first), we will ship your order. You will know in advance, because we will mark your on-line order as 'Payment Recieved' and our website will automatically generate an email to let you know that we received your payment. **Remember, all cheques and money orders need to be in Canadian funds.**

Q -- Do you have a return policy?

A -- Normally, we do not accept returns. However, if arranged in advance, schools and other institutions buying in bulk may return overstock. Books returned must arrive in brand new condition, and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.